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    Higher bill than my plan.


      I'm a new to this postpaid plan and I am so confused why my bill is 2000+ and I only avail 1799 plan. I finally got my bill and I still dont understand why it's exceeded my expected payment. Don't have any extra charge or what so ever. Please help me.

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          Go into the details of your bill and carefully read the breakdown. You can call 211 and let them explain to you your bill per page.


          If you have not exceeded in consuming your consumable, check for CONTENT SUBSCRIPTION - the new auto charge spam which Globe allows. Otherwise, you have exceeded your consumables and maybe you should change your combos to suit your needs.


          Register or create an account at www.globe.com.ph for you to control more of your account. Read and follow the instructions.


          Do not post any screenshot of your bill here for your privacy.

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              Is it your first bill? Globe might have included a pro-rated subscription rate which is meant to adjust charges of your  actual availment or activation to your assigned billing cycle.


              This usually appears only in your first billing or if you decide to change the billing cycle of your subscription.



              Your assigned Billing Cycle is from the 1st to the 30th of the month (30 days or 1 month) but you availed or activated the plan on the 20th of the previous month. The charges from the 20th to the 30th (10 days) of the previous month would now be the prorated charge of your subscription to be added to the 1799 of your regular billing cycle charge.

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              because your a new line subscriber globe will charge you the 1month deposit of your plan + the usage until your bill cut off date | if your can check your statement there are 2 charges for 1799 the other one is the pro-rated amount and the 2nd one is the full amount which is the 1month plan deposit/advance payment. You can use this advance payment on the last month of your subscription if you ever intended to cut your plan on the end of your lock-up period

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                Thanks for your answers. I thought I will always be charge that much. I will also try to call them so I can get a detailed explaination of my bill. It's my first bill so I really cannot get it. Haha. Thanks again.