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    iPhone 6 Mode of Payment (How can I change it?)


      I registered for the iPhone 6 last Nov 7 and was able to fill up the registration. I even got this email:


      Hi, (My Name)!

      Thank you for your interest in the iPhone 6.

      We've received your registration details. You are now signed up to receive news and updates about the latest iPhone. Please note that this is not yet a reservation. Check your inbox regularly, as all updates will be coursed through email.

      You may go to www.globe.com.ph/iphone6, click on My Applications and enter the credentials below:

      Email Address: **********@yahoo.com
      Reference Number: GTP...

      Please save your login credentials because these will be used throughout your application process. If this message was sent to your spam folder, please mark it as not a spam or add the sender's email address to your contacts so that succeeding updates will be sent to your inbox.

      Note that iPhone 6 orders will only be accepted and processed online. To get more information and join the conversation on iPhone 6, log on to community.globe.com.ph.

      Thank you, and here's to a wonderful iPhone experience!

      The Globe Team


      Upon logging in using my email and reference number. I can see the payment button which is urging me to pay the cashout. I think I accidentally clicked credit card. However, I've been trying to find a way to change my mode of payment. Is it possible? I want to pay on the globe store market market since I want to upgrade my plan also. Does it mean that if I don't pay thru credit card or if I haven't received the stub, the unit will still not be reserved for me? I really want to get the item on Nov 14 but I don't want to pay online first since my cash out will be lesser since I'll upgrade from 999 to 1799.


      Guys please help.