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    Warning SuperSurf Plan Holders


      CyOfGlobe, a Globe specialist in Twitter, informed me that when you recontract your SuperSurf Plan, you data plan will be migrated to GoSurf - that is 5Gig for 999. I am still waiting for clearer details including the 800 consumables and the 3 freebies for my Plan 1799 kung it will totally be migrated to GoSurf Plan with Peso Value. No agent has definite answer on this as i talked with one from Loyalty and malabo ang sagot.


      I might cancel my final order for iPhone kasi sayang ung old plan na supersurf.


      Anyone has this issue you might wanna share inputs too?

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          Any update on this?

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              My main line is not up for recontracting, and my other line will be upgraded to 2499, so my freebies @ 1799 will be forfeited.


              AFAIK, our friends over at PhilMUG have asked this to a forum user from Globe (note: not a CSR). You should be able to recontract and keep the freebies (A to E). The GoSurf part as per Cy is correct. But I think you can just go for GoSurf 799 for 3gb instead of 999 for 5gb.


              If the CSR/Globe Rep at the GBC still refuses to accomodate this, escalate the issue to their supervisor. I think they would be more knowledgeable regarding the situation.