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    Spotify data usage


      So, we can monitor our data usage in My Account in Globe website and in the billing statement, there is the section Details of Local Data Charges. My question is, for those subscribed to GoSurf with free 1gb of Spotify Premium allocation, does the volume of data used indicated in the data tracker in My Account and/or in the billing statement excludes the Spotify data used?


      I monitored my data usage last month. I had My Data Manager installed and monitored the data used by Spotify app in my iPhone. When my billing statement arrived, the Total Volume in my billing statement is almost the same as in My Data Manager. But only the free data allocation for my GoSurf subscription is deducted from the Total Volume. No deduction for the almost 300mb Spotify data that I used (I activated the Premium account using Globe Spotify page). So I have an additional of almost Php600 in data charges.


      Is  there anyone with the same experience?