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    Charge to Bill Option for Iphone6


      It appears that there are a lot of Customers who have the same issue on the Charge to Bill Option for the new Iphone6.  I believe that there was some deficiency in the design of the Pre-order website.  Even the Claim stub is misleading as at the bottom of the page, it gives you the impression that if one is re-contracting the cost of the phone can be spread over 24 months.  It does not provide the Charge to Bill Option to Loyal customers of Globe and are re-contracting to get the new iPhone 6.


      I believe there are two ways to resolve this issue.


      First is from Globe itself, that is if they really care about their Customers, especially the loyal ones.  Globe has in their system the names and list of existing Customers who want to re-contract and have pre-ordered the iphone6.  They can automatically make these customers eligible for the charge to bill option, upon the delivery of the iPhone 6, whether to their house or for pick up from the stores.  It can be charged to the same credit card it was previously being charged, or included in their monthly bill.  This was my experience with Globe when I got the iphone5.  


      To show that they really care about their loyal customers, they can even send a text or email message, like : Your Pre-ordered IPhone 6 will be delivered to your designated address or picked up from the stores.  As a loyal customer, the cost of the phone will be paid within the lock-out period of 24 months".    Simple, right?


      Second is from us, the Customers,  If the full amount of the phone is to be charged, we can simply reject the delivery.  Then our credit card can not be charged, since the delivery was not accepted.  Nor will it be included in our monthly bill. Then we can re-order thru the store or by phone.  Globe will incur unnecessary delivery expense due to the returns.  What if Globe runs out of stock?  No problem.  Personally, I can wait, or perhaps transfer to SMART. Then GLOBE will lose some of its loyal customers.


      I hope someone from Globe reads this.  If so, my Reference No is GTP54954586.