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    Transfer of location - needs clarification and help




      Last October, we called globe hotline and ask for location transfer of DSL and if the area we're relocating has DSL lines available. We we're told that yes, the area was serviceable.


      Turns out when we called again to finalized the transfer of DSL, we were told to wait 24hrs for the technician to verify if the area was serviceable - again. After a while, we received a call from them saying something like "FULL CAPACITY of cabinet"(jargon term - kindly explain) and that I need to follow-up after 6 months for DSL, 1 month for WIMAX / LTE services.


      So, we're thinking of waiting for 1 month and changing our subscription from DSL to WIMAX. And then, after 5 months, change from WIMAX back to DSL bec. we're not really sure how reliable WIMAX connection is.


      Now, if we wait for 1 or 6 months and follow-up again, what is the guarantee that they can allot us space or node in the cabinet? What if we called again after 1 month and they say that Full Capacity again. Can't GLOBE expand that cabinet real quick for their subscribers?