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    laptop not detecting wifi


      Mga boss pahelp nman,ung laptop ko di nag coconect sa wifi,pero pag ethernet cable ok nman.

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          I'm sorry to hear po if hindi kayo maka-connect, bernardalive . I would like to ask few questions.


          1.) Ano po yung gamit ninyo? Is it a Gateway? Router?

          2.) May error messages ba upon connecting?

          3.) Did you make any changes lately? ie. passwords, network settings, etc.

          4.) Have you tried connecting to WIFI using a different device (apart from your laptop)?

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            This situation might be a hardware or software problem on your laptop. Thus, you must try to troubleshoot this manually.


            Try this if you're using windows:

            1. Go to Control Panel

            2. Select Device Manager

            3. Look for Network Adapters and expand it

            4. Once you expand it, you'll see a Yellow with exclamation point sign, if not, see a Hardware with a "Wireless Network Adapter" on it.

            5. Right-click on it, select Disable.

            6. Right click again and select Enable.


            If still not working, uninstall it, but BE SURE YOU HAVE THE DRIVER INSTALLER:

            1. You must know your Laptop's Brand and Model.

            2. Look for the website of the brand on your browser.

            3. Once you see your model and brand on the website, look for WLAN Driver or any Wireless Network Adapter driver and download it.

            4. Repeat Steps 1-4 on the aforementioned troubleshooting.

            5. Right click on the Network Wireless Adapter and UNINSTALL IT.

            6. Open your downloaded file and install it.

            7. Restart your computer.

            8. Connect your wifi and there you go!


            HOPE THIS WORKS!