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    where do i find about my globe internet bill? help pls


      almost 1 hour searching my internet bill i want to check it because globe(8888) texted me that my globe line is paid now

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          I would suggest you enroll to Globe e-Bill as it is more convenient to check it online. No hassle Here's how. If you already have an account;

          - Visit www.globe.com.ph and login

          - Click the "My Account" tab > click "Add Account"

          - It will ask you for your "Account Type" and "Mobile Number"

          - A verification Code will be sent out to your Mobile Number then put in the the "Verification Code" field then hit "Add Account"

          -Once done, you can now view your Bill .


          You can also sign up in Paperless Billing. Just go and click "Sign up for Paperless Billing" this is for free. You will be getting then your monthly bill in your email for you not to miss out your deadline. You'll need your Account Number here. There are other benefits that you can avail online like you request to adjust your cut-off date...