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    iphone 6


      My reference number prompts invalid whenever I try the tracker. Help!

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          The tracker is not working for iPhone pre-orders. There is no means to track your pre-orders!


          Please! Has Globe issued an statement that you can track your pre-orders?

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              Hi fervish. I had the same question on another thread and joshl answered it. I needed to find out delivery date so I can take time off from work as 2 units are being delivered to my home. I also need to pay courier as mine is COD.  Here is Joshl's answer


              You may track the delivery status of your device when you login/register at MyAccount (http://accounts.globe.com.ph)


              Upon payment of your cashout, courier will issue an Acknowledgment Receipt. This is the standard procedure for online applications. But don't worry because the OR will be emailed to you as well. Hope this clarifies.


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                  I just got off the line with their csr. 40minutes ko sya kausap and wala sya masabi kung anong problema. Even confirm to me if the tracker does work for pre-orders. Apparently they can't view pre order details whatsoever.



                  This is very bad customer service, Globe. I hope you deliver tomorrow though.