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    iPhone 6 delivery scheduled on Nov. 20!!!! (no email/no text)


      Pre-ordered and payed for iPhone 6 64GB on November 7th because I wanted to be sure to get it today, on the launch date (Nov. 14) I was looking for an email or a text for information for days now, calling the Globe hotline who seem clueless about whats happening regarding the iPhone 6. ONLY T FIND OUT THAT MY order was scheduled on NOVEMBER 20TH!!! That's unacceptable GLOBE!  I have been a loyalty subscriber for 4 years now and this is how you treat us? I'll understand it if you guys had the courtesy to notify me earlier pero, no! I had to call your hotline and wait on cue  to get that information on the same day I was expecting it. Too disappointing for Globe subscribers.