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    iPhone 6 delivered, then was being retrieved again by the courier!?


      As with many other subs yesterday I received a text blast that the delivery of my iPhone was going to be delayed till tomorrow. I was very surprised today as a personnel from Air21 texted and called me verifying my address since it was incomplete. They told me that my phone was already with them and is for delivery today. So I gave the complete address and told them the name of my authorized representive, informing them that all needed documents were there as well. True enough, the phone was delivered to my house around 1pm. Kudos to Air21 for verifying my address unlike Globe itself that did absolutely nothing to correct my delivery address. I thought everything was ok since the phone and nano sim were already delivered... I was wrong.


      Around 2:30pm Air21 came back to my house trying to get back the phone. They told my representative that Globe told them to retrieve my phone back but did not give the reason why. I did not get any advice from Globe to return the phone. Of course my representative did not give back the phone and told them to call me as the subscriber to verify and inform why they need to the phone back that they delivered. Anyone form Globe here who can explain why the courier tried to retrieve back the iPhone they delivered? Labo talaga Globe....