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    I have an iphone 5c plan 1299. Can i register my 501 load for unlitext?


      Hello everyone! I am a new subscriber. I have iphone under plan 1299. Bundled with 501 regular load and 5GB internet. Question is, can i reguster my regular load 501 to any unlitext and unlicall promos of globe? Thanks for your help!


      also, i was able to apply for plan 1299 iphone because of 10500 cash out. What does cash out meant? Thanks!

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          Hi there mate! First, congrats on your new plan. I believe you have the Peso Value Plan 1299 having a total peso value of 2300. If you less the iPhone 5c peso value of 800, you will have remaining of 1500.. For the 5 GB which has a peso value of 999, you will have remaining of 501. The 501 can be used to register for COMBOS or can be used  as a regular load. Please refer to the photo for the combos.


          HOWEVER, just for comparison. BOOSTERS are charged ON TOP OF THE PLAN. Meaning from your current plan 1299, you will be charged additional amount. Please see photo.


          Definition of Terms for Info:

          Peso Value or PV is the corresponding worth or value of your plan that you can use to get other plan components.

          Cash-outs are the cash amounts you will have to pay in order to purchase a higher gadget type. The gadgets are discounted from their original price because you will still have to use part of your plan's Peso Value to pay for it.