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    Credit Limit Increase!




      I have subscribed to mysuperone since I received my unit. When my hubby changed his contact number I also have to change my subscribed mysuperone number. Unfortunately one of the satellite offices of Globe (Specifically Globe Gaisano Mall Davao) has been very unaccommodating and I've already unsubscribed to mysuperone. Now I can't subscribe for this period. I need to increase my CL. My question is, is there a minimum GMI to be able to increase my credit limit? I'm on MySuperPlan 999 with a credit limit of 1,100. What if I want to increase it regardless of my GMI and I have the capacity to pay?



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          Hi! As per Globe's policy, you need to submit document/s, they call it proof of financial capacity, as proof to convince those guys in increasing your limit.


          You cannot argue to them that while it is true that you have the capacity to pay, Globe needs your proof of financial capacity which may include: latest credit card statement, bank statement or other telecom bill statement higher that your plan with Globe, etc...


          For the request of increase:

          1. Call 211

          2. Go to your My Account at globe.com.ph and log in. Account options on the left side. You will see Increase Credit Limit. Scanned your proofs and attached when asked. Note down your reference number when done.


          Create an account if you do not have one.


          Globe does not rely on face value hehe...