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    iPhone 6 delivery (courier asks for COD)


      Has anybody else experienced this? My iPhone unit was brought to the house by the courier last Friday, November 14. However, while my claim stub says 'charge to bill,' he insisted that the cashout be paid 'cash on delivery.' I think they way he/they understood cashout is that the buyer will shell out the cash right then and there. He even called someone from their office to confirm. In the end he did not release the phone and we certainly did no give the courier any money. He said he would just come back Saturday or the following week. It was one of the most frustrating things ever.


      So, wondering how this could be resolved. Calling Globe CSR at time of delivery just to explain to courier (because he wouldn't just accept what's stated on the claim stub) what charge to bill means.


      This is certainly a failing on the part of the courier for not understanding what the different payment methods are Globe might have also lacked in providing proper information or orientation to their selected couriers. I'm just afraid that when the courier does come back he'll have the same response and we'll be back to where we started (i.e., still no iPhone).