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      Hi. I recently got a Samung Note 4. I am still using my Samsung Note 3. That said, I am aware of the Settings and Configurations of my prepaid internet connection. On my first attempt to connect to the net via Note 4, there is no signal/connectiom or even a popup error to let me know the problem.. I called GT Customer Service so they can help me out. I was given the similar instructions that I know and still tried resetting my phone and I did everything step by step that the agent told me. Reset the phone and still no connection or any signal icon. What to do now? Thanks


          Can you please post a screenshot? Did you try changing your network band to 2G only? Totally wala po ba signal or internet signal like 3G or 4G ang wala? APN settings too?

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              same problem with my note 4, it seems my sim and phone only seeks 4G or LTE signals... it cant and wont connect via 3g or gsm 2G...


              i have tried:

              1. changing my sim

              2. resetting APN

              3. switching network to WCDMA/GSM


              everything won't work... however, if i use my old non-LTE globe SIM on the phone, the mobile data signal is ok and can connect with WCDMA or 3G or GSM...  it seems like there is some incompatibility issues between globe LTE sim and the samsung note 4...  i tried replacing my LTE sim with a non-LTE sim in Globe this afternoon, but Globe said all new SIMS are already LTE capable....

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              Has this been fixed? I've encountered a similar issue about 3-4 hours ago.