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    IPhone 6 Recontracting Issues


      I was able to complete my Iphone 6 application last nov 7 but the claim stub reflected 6mos as the recontracting period and the amount for the unit is 27000. I have been trying to contact globe thru 211 and thru this discussion group but nobody is directly replying to me. As of this morning the CSR of globe told me that she will fwd my concern to the technical group. This afternoon, I received a call from the courier telling me that they will deliver the unit tom but I have to pay 27000. so I tried to call the 211 again. I waited for 30 mins before I was able to talk to someone.


      After telling her my concern, she kept on telling me that the 27000 was for the unit and the payoff fee this my contract was supposed to end on feb 2015 and the onlyoffer the iphone 6 for 24 mos recontracting period. I told her that there was no payoff fee indicated on my application and that it was already waived by globe. nagpaulit ulit kami dito sa issue na ito. I told her na hindi ito total ng payoff fee at handset unit otherwise it should have been indicated by globe. She then put me on hold for 10mins then she told me that the CSR that I have talked to earlier gave me a wrong information that they could still change the 6mos to 24 mos and there's no more option for me but to pay the 27000. She also told me to go pay the 27000 since their technical group gave them instructions that eventually ibabalik din nman ng globe yung sobrang ibinayad ko! Meaning she's asking me to sign my a contract indicating a 6mos period and expect globe to return yung excess nuN ng wala akong pinanghahawakan kundi yung sinabi nya na yun ang instruction na binigay ng technical group nila!


      Now what am I supposed to do when they deliver the unit tom? Can someone from globe please give me an answer on this!