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    How to Stop SUPERSURF50?


      How to Stop SUPERSURF50 after it expires? after the expiry my load constantly decreasing.  right now im using my wifi and still my load decreases even after I send SUPERSURF STOP to 8888. please help

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          Did you receive a confirmation that your supersurf subscription has been discontinued? - If yes, try to call customer service and check if you have other subscription/s. This might be the reason as to why you are being deducted. If no, try to send SUPERSURF<space>STOP to 8888 again, and wait for the confirmation message

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            make sure your phone's data toggle is off.
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              Hi Jay21, macmac is right once the promo expires ensure to turn off your data connection. Even if you are on a WiFi but your data is on, both will toggle depending on which one provide the higher or better data signal strength.

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                Hi Jay21,


                Hope I may be able to help even if it's too late and also to clarify few things :smileyhappy:


                When your SUPERSURF50 EXPIRES, there is NO NEED TO STOP YOUR SUPERSURF SUBSCRIPTION coz basically you are no longer subscribed. Hence NO NEED TO SEND SUPERSURF STOP to 8888.

                Texting the keyword SUPERSURF STOP to 8888 is only applicable if you are still subscribed to the SUPERSURF PROMO and you want to stop it to be able to change it for several reasons like you want to change your subscription to other denominations, subscribe to other data promo of Globe, etc.


                Please keep in mind that when you are no longer subscribed to any data promo of Globe, automatic, you will be charged accordingly either on Time based or KB based if you are continuously connected to the internet or if your data on your phone is turned on (cellular data and/or 3G).  If I am not mistaken, if you are on default Time Based, you will be charged Php5 per 15minutes or Php20 per hour.


                Be advised that even if you are not using your phone, if it's a smartphone, such as for browsing or using apps that connect to the internet, your phone may still connect to the network continuously for updates and push notifications. Hence, even if you are not using your phone at all for 24hrs but it's turned on and its data is on, you may run out of load on your prepaid account if you are not subscribed to any data promo of Globe.    


                Smartphones like an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy phones, etc. are called as such coz it's smart enough to do things that would make our lives easier such as auto updates and push notifications, etc.


                So please be mindful of the expiry date of your data subscription. If it's about to expire and there is no need for you to be connected to the internet, then might as well turn off your data on your phone before expiry hits the clock so won't be charged for time based data connection.