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    tattoo sim number recovery


      i bought a globe tattoo pocket wifi a long time ago

      now, because i rarely use it.. i forgot the number of my sim and i recently restored my phone to defaults and forgot to backup


      how am i supposed to recover the number of my prepaid globe tattoo sim that is inside the pocket wifi..

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          May remaining balance po ba ung tattoo sim? Send an sms to other number. Isaksak mo sa phone meron feature dun sa setting na show sim number. Sa iphone naman lalabas sa contacts as My Number.

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            If you still have the sim bed, you should be able to see your sim number there. If you no longer have the sim bed, try to insert your sim a old mobile phone (like nokia) if it can identify your mobile number (take note that some smartphones Android or iOS device usually unable to identify the mobile number of the sim).