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    I still don't have my iphone 6!


      Pre order was finalized last nov. 8 - even paid with my cc - up till now, no delivery yet! No text, no email from globe...been calling their hotline too and the csr told me "nadispatch na nov. 13 pa"... It's the 18th, WALA PA RIN! Anyare? Ref. no.GTP62118153

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          Malamang hindi pa talaga yan nadispatch. I have the same concern actually. I finalized my order last Nov. 10, paid using mg credit card, thus, it should have been delivered last Friday. Unfortunately, di pa delivered until now. Called up their re-contracting hotline this morning. To my surprise, di pa daw nadispatch sa courier. Apparently, di ata priority if you applied for recontracting online through Globe's website. The CSR mentioned that it is even uncertain if i will get my iphone 6 this week. This is really very disappointing.