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    Free Spotify Premium Auto-Renew


      I received a text message from Globe stating that my FREE Spotify Premium will end on 11/17/14. It says that if I don't want the paid version of P299/month, I just need to send SPOTIFY STOP to 8888. I tried that but it didn't work. I saw somewhere that it should be SPOTIFY OFF if you're on postpaid but that didn't work too. Both are getting me the 'Sorry, you have entered an invalid keyword.' reply. I contacted 211 last Sunday around 9am to report my issue. The CS named Kenny said I don't have any Spotify linked to my account. I told him to make some notes that I reported the issue and if ever I got charged then it should be reversible. This morning I checked my online account and found that my current balance is more than my existing plan (I have PLAN 299). It was around 5xx something for the current balance. I'm pretty sure I don't have any excess so this should be the Spotify Auto-Renew which is P299/month. I talked to another CS this morning and her name is Tria. She said that I should log in to spotify.globe.com.ph and deactivate from there. It's weird but I know there's no option like that (maybe she just wants to get rid of me). However I tried what she said and yes there's no deactivate option there. It will just ask your number again to activate the free Spotify Premium. If there's someone here from Globe that can help me with this please do so. I love your customer service and your system but this issue makes me want to cancel my postpaid. I saw someone from twitter having the same issue so I know I'm not the only one having this problem. Thanks and I hope this will be resolved!