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    globe wasnt able to process payment made for a globe phone6


      Last Nov 8, I applied for Iphone 6Plus  on www.globe.com.ph/iphone6. I went to the whole process. I received a reference number and paid P14,400 through credit card. However globe webpage froze and I didn't receive the stub or email confirmation. I waited for an hour or two thinking it was just a delay but non was received so I called my bank to check if there was a transaction of P14,400 was made (for the same date). They said , yes - 14,400 was on floating transaction for a Telecom account (Globe). I asked what floating transaction means - and was told that a transaction was completed and the merchant (Globe) just need to claim/process it.


      I called in many times to Globe (for a week) to report this issue and they claim that a payment was not made. As of today, Nov 18, 2014 - I have not received confirmation email / stub number , www.globe.com.ph/iphone6 no longer works (viewable), bank still claims that 14,400 transaction is floating and Globe still says they have not received any payment.


      This is very frustrating. There's no issue with my card just your site and billing department/ customer support team.


      I demand for a resolution on this ASAP. I'm not even asking for an Iphone 6 anymore I just need this to be resolve for this has caused emotional trouble and time.