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    where is my iphone?


      i Havent receive my iphone until now it is supposedly delivered last nov 14 pa... What should i do?

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          Same here.. was supposed to get it Friday last week..

          no notifications from Globe.

          Good luck to us.


          If you have the time, people say it pays to bug globe about it.

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            Hi, have you called Globe about this already? try to contact Globe again to track the delivery of the phone, you'll find the answer why there is a delay on the delivery.

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                done that many times already and waited for almost half hour for my call to get through.  They will just say that they are aware of the delivery problem and that they will resolve the issue.  Hassle na talaga.  For other line, I already cancelled my order because they are forcing me to transfer to a different plan even if I am just recontracting.  If I had known that it was the case when I pick-up at their store I wouldn't have pushed thru with my order via pick up at the store.  And for this other line that is not yet delivered up to now, if I hadn't paid thru credit card and it would be another inconvenience to file a complaint to cancel my order, I would really have cancelled it.  Their service is so disappointing.  If they couldn't handle the number of orders they shouldn't have accepted it in the first place.  We don't have the best option to cancel our order now because they have already received our payment.