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      Hi.. matanong ko lang po, bakit po ako nagkaroon ng Current balance na 713 pesos?? kaka check ko lang po kahapon ng dashboard ko at andami pang available na pang text, tawag, internet at PVs. Tapos kanina lang nang tignan ko ulit, mayroon na akong 713 Current balance at nareset na ang Dashboard ko kahit hindi naman ako nagamit na text, tawag, internet at PVs ng malaki dahil ayokong magkaroon ng additional. nakakadismaya talaga!


          Please do not post your personal info or number in this forum or any forum.


          For info: Every 17th is the cut off date. The data you have seen are for Oct 18 - Nov 17 billing period. The current balance reflecting are the tentative total of that billing which the actual computation will be reflected in you bill statement when Globe will send it this week.


          Your dashboard is reset or refreshed every 18th. Meaning new billing period will start. The unused consumable peso values are forfeited and will not be carried for the next billing period. If on the 17th, you have use 500 out of 1000 sms, as an example, the remaining 500 will be forfeited and will not be added on the next billing period - that is Nov 18 - Dec 17.


          Please wait for the billing statement first and from there you can call 211 for any dispute or question as to your bill.