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    Can I pay the the cash-out in advance as well?


      Good Day Everyone!


      I would inquire about the iPhone 6 64GB Plan 2499 with a cash-out of P4800 in a 24 months contract .

      Well my problem here is that, I do not have enough requirements in order for me to get a plan plus the phone inclusion. What I have is a school ID, a billing address and utility bills named after my uncle and weekly remittances from my parents.


      I've read about the option of paying the 6-months advance of service fee in which I'm willing to pay, I'm just wondering if I how could I pay for the 4800 cash-out?

      Since I have no credit card, can I possibly pay the accumulated cash-out in advance as well?


      I'm hopping for your good news. Haha

      Thank You!