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    iPhone 6 replacement process?


      The iPhone 6 that was delivered to me has a very weak signal reception compared to others. I'm within my 7 day replacement policy and brought my unit to have it checked at Globe. So I went to their branch at Q.Avenue National Bookstore at first they wanted me to inspect the unit for another 24hrs. The lady gave me her number and said to contact her if it still persists after a day. I texted her the next day and said that she will request for a unit replacement and will call me as soon as the unit is already in stock.

      Isn't there any process like do I get any claim stub or any reference number that I can follow up to? My fear is what if the unit lapse the 7 day period without returning the defective iPhone 6? It's still with me I tried to hand it over and she said to give it back once I have the replacement unit. Should I just trust her that they will replace the unit even after 7 days without any assurance on my side?