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    iPhone 6 Catastrophe


      Sharing my unfortunate experience.....Pre-order was completed Nov. 10, I got all 3 documents (Claim stub, contract and Gadget care) ready. Email confirmation saying delivery will be on the 14th, OR was emailed to me so I was quite sure that the payment was received. Waited until Nov 14 for the delivery, but no good. I received a call Saturday (Nov. 15) saying it will be delivered within the day, but again it was no good. Monday and Tuesday I made followups with the CSRs and said it will be delivered within the day, but again it was no good. Tuesday night I received a text from Globe saying it will be delivered 19, but again it was no good. Talked to a CSR again the same night and has assured me that my unit will be delivered the next day. True enough, the unit was delivered in the afternoon however, the courier is asking for a 10,800 cash out. How could that happen? I have availed of the plan 1799 recontracting for 30 months and have paid for the 4,800. All documents that I have shows the plan that was availed and they are showing me different records. In short, phone was not released. I am so frustrated with this process, failed commitments, delayed delivery and now inconsistent records. What could happen next? Why is Globe accepting mass orders and could not even handle it properly? I have called the hotline again to get my records fixed and have my handset delivered in the morning of Nov 21. I swear if this is not fixed, I will have my line cancelled and will be demanding for an immediate refund of my cash out.

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          Same bad experience here. I wasted too much time calling their hotline and got different answers. Also today I received multiple Globe iPhone Updates through sms saying my unit will be delivered first SMS, Nov25, then three SMS, Nov26, the last two SMS states Nov27. Ano ba talaga? They couldn't even give direct info. I even called Air21 dito sa area namen kasi one csr told me nasa Air21 na since Nov13 ang unit ko pero wala naman daw. Yung ibang csr ang sabi naman follow ko daw yung update na nareceive ko. Hay ewan, this is very frustrating. The csr's couldn't help.