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    List of couriers delivering iPhone 6 in Manila (and their contact numbers)


      I have been expecting my iPhone 6 since November 14 but was told that there were problems (I'm sure everyone already knows what these problems are). I talked to a representative (I think she works in the BGC office and was referred by a former client who's currently working in the Globe BGC office) and was told that she'll coordinate with Loyalty to figure out when I can expect my phone. I was instructed to expect my delivery on November 20 instead. And I requested to have my delivery changed to store pick up instead. That person hasn't been coordinating with me for two days now, and would cancel my calls, and ignore my requests for updates. The award-winning service I'd heard about while waiting on the phone for 2 hours last week, when I called to clarify during the start of this whole mess, is still unfounded.


      On November 19, my mom in DAVAO CITY called to tell me that the phone was delivered there. I told her not to claim the phone as it's supposed to be delivered in Manila, as stated in the delivery address in the claim stub.


      On November 20, I got a call from a courier service (I'm not quite sure which because the area I was in was noisy) telling me that the messenger was on his way to my place to delivery the phone. After verifying information, I had to tell him that I'm not at home to receive the phone (as there was no confirmation from the representative I was talking to and I did not want to miss work just to wait all day for nothing) and asked him to come back the next day. That's today. He promised to come back around lunch time and that hasn't happened yet.


      So I tried calling the number but was surprised that the call won't go through because he activated the call forwarding feature on his end. I tried the tracking service on the Globe website, but my number still comes out as invalid so I really don't have any extra information to use.


      Long story short, I would like to ask for the list of known couriers that have been delivering the phones, and their contact numbers so I can do the coordinating and communicating that Globe should be doing. Any useful information would be most appreciated. Thanks!

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          HI lorraelena, I, and other Globe subscribers here, share the same sentiments and predicament as you. While it is true that Globe has under estimated this iPhone 6 launch, it has been slowly addressing the issues occurring from this. I am not defending Globe nor in any way connected to Globe too but, once the issues are slowly piling up due to system errors and also their agents error, Globe halted the pre-order delivery. As gleamed from what was happening, Globe addressed these issues the best it can. But Globe still lacks what we subscribers want - the right to be informed. Their agents assurances added the burden we subscribers are experiencing but we cannot blame them either. They are given instructions - limited instructions in dealing with these. Their mistake on their part is - maybe because they just want to ease the agitation of the subscribers for the iPhone - they give different and contrasting information.


          Further, Globe has not been prepared well with this unexpected interests in iPhone 6. And noone knows why coz Globe has been silent about this.


          And now here comes delivery, - the insufficient addresses that Globe is claiming while in fact mostly subscribers wrote their correct and complete addresses! Who would not enter a correct address for an iPhone 6 delivery!? Globe has not been ignoring its subscribers. It's lack of dedicated hotline for iPhone only that should have been created, is the problem. A department for the delivery should have been created to cater the inquiries of their clients. Now, the agony of waiting never ends. The relationship between the courier and Globe also should have been made clearer. If the courier agreed to contact Globe's clients - which some were doing, then we should blame the courier for not doing it. Globe claims that courier will contact clients before the delivery - i believe it should be Globe doing it!


          Nevertheless, in fairness with Globe, it is addressing these issues though slowly but at least Globe has taken notice. The only power we subscribers got is to extend more patience. The more we agonize the more we suffer. For the past years i have been subscribing with Globe also, it is the customer that always carry the burden from these shortcomings by Globe. From payments, bill deliveries, spam messages, recontracting issues, plan migartion, data capping but hey! Globe manages to address these issues slowly.


          Anyway, sorry for these nonsense. joshl and GlennO Please do not refer her to 211 or 027301300. Pano napunta sa Davao ang iPhone? ^_^

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            Just to update:


            No courier has arrived to deliver the iPhone 6 even though the messenger assured me that he will come back today to re-deliver the phone. I had to reschedule everything for work just so I can be at home to receive this but it was all for nothing.


            No XDE number I found online worked. 2 numbers were out of service and the only one that got through just kept ringing, no one picked up.


            Tried to call Globe's Loyalty hotline, stayed on the line for 30 minutes (because I was not going to wait another 2 hours like the last time) but no one picked up.


            How can I just cancel this pre-order, and make sure that the charge to my credit card is also canceled? Getting an iPhone 6 is not worth all this trouble, especially when other sources are available and have better service.