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    Re-contracting has been processed but Iphone has not yet been received


      I received a text from 8888 this morning that said my "request has been processed. Thank you for being with Globe."  When I called their hotline to ask what was that text all about since I have'nt sent any request, they told me that it was for the processing of the re-contracting of my line for UnliSurf 1799.  I found it quite unusual because my re-contracting form is still at the office since the Iphone has not yet been delivered up to now.  The CSR said that he will escalate my concern and gave me a case number because I am thinking maybe the unit was received at a different address that is why I received that text message.  Is it really automatic that after a certain period, whether I receive my unit or not, the re-contracting will be processed as what the CSR told me.  Up to now my one phone hasn't been delivered yet.