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    Iphone 6+ replacement


      Anyone here who's gotten their replacement iphones from GBC? It's been a week since I reported my defective unit with gbc atc. I haven't received feedback from them. Anyone here has the same dilemma? Any resolution from globe?

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          bodjaguilar when you reported it as defective did you surrender it to Globe ATC? If it's within the 7 day replacement period, it should have been replaced when you surrendered it, after of course Glibe ascertained that it was actually defective.  If it's beyond the 7 days since it was delivered or given to you, you should bring it to an Apple-authorized service center since it is still within the 1 year warranty by Apple itself.


          It is really defective without you dropping it or not due to misuse, the service center will recommend replacement or repair by Apple itself.

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            anu po defect ng iphone 6 nyo?

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              Most of the time it will take 2-3 weeks for the replacement as it will always depend on availability of stocks. As per standard iStore process, 2-3 business days physical assessment for the phone. If confirmed ang defect, replacement should arrive within 2-3 weeks still.

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                  May loaner phone dpat n bnbgay ang telco. Pg wala. Credit yan


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                      Na sa akin pa din yung iphone ko. I'm just not using it to make sure no issue arises due to scratches etc. The problem with my iphone is the screen. There are about more than 5 dead pixels at the middle of the screen.  It's within the 7 day replacement nung binalik ko sa atc gbc. According to globe, they will be the ones replacing the unit. If I reported the issue to globe after 7 days, APR's na ang maghahandle ng warranty.

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                    Terms and Conditions for Handset Replacement:

                    1. Within seven (7) calendar days from receipt of the Handset, the Subscriber shall submit to any Globe Store the defective Handset, the official receipt and/or other documents supporting the transaction (i.e. the form which contains Handset model and IMEI number) which the Subscriber had signed upon receipt of the defective Handset.

                    2. Beyond seven (7) calendar days from receipt of the Handset, GLOBE shall not accept any Handset replacement. Instead, the Subscriber shall submit for repair the defective Handset through the Handset manufacturer's authorized service center(s).

                    3. Cost of Repair and Labor Fee Charges for Out of Warranty Units and Defective Units due to non-factory defect will be on personal account should repair be coursed through Globe Telecom.

                    Learn more about general terms and conditions for My Super Plan here.