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    Hello to all you lovely people out there new too Globe


      Hi i wanting to find some good advice and help to build a wimax mesh network, It will be 24km x 7km location classified for the time being.

      I know I am biting off more than I can chew but hey you have got to try when Golden opportunities present themselves. My knowledge is vast but not deep so I do have understandings how most things work. I have a backbone link 1Gbps Ka-band beaming into a proposed earth station.

      Electrical Performance

      Antenna size                                                                                                                 2.4M (4-piece)

      Operating Frequency (GHz)                         Receive                                                        17.960 – 19.163 GHz

                                                                       Transmit                                                      27.760 – 28.963 GHz



      Midband Gain ( +/- .2 dB)                            Receive                                                       51.2 dBi

                                                                      Transmit                                                      55.0 dBi



      HPBW Nominal Mid-Band

      to -3 dB points (degrees)

                                                                     Receive                                                        0.47 deg

                                                                    Transmit                                                        0.30 deg



      Antenna Noise G/T (dB/K) at 19.2 GHz & 15 deg elevation                                              29.0 dB/K

      Uplink EIRP (dBW) with

      Multiple SSPB/HPA Options:

                                                                  5 watt SSPB                                                         –

                                                                 10 watt SSPB                                                 65.0 dBW

                                                                 20 watt SSPB                                                68.0 dBW

                                                                40 watt SSPB                                                 71.0 dBW





      Sidelobe Envelope Co-pol (Azimuth)                                                                         Meets or exceeds requirements of FCC 47 CRF 25.209

                                                                                                                                   and ITU-R S.580-6

      Polarization (co-pol)                                                                                               RHCP/LHCP (Field Selectable)

      Feed Interface                                          Receive                                                          WR-42

                                                                    Transmit                                                         WR-28



      Cross Pol Isolation                                                                                                    >20 dB on axis

      Tx-Rx Port to Port Isolation                                                                                       >80 dB



      VSWR (Tx & Rx Bands)                                                                                             1.3:1 Max (Γ<-17.7 dB)



      Reflector Material Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester SMC. Highly resistant to corrosion,

      fungus and UV radiation

      Antenna Optics Easy-to-assemble, Offset Fed Prime Focus Design with 0.8 F/D optics

      Two Axis Pedestal Modified polar mount tracking +/- 80 deg hour angle and +/- 10 deg declination

      Tracking Accuracy & Rate Better than +/- 0.08 deg (within 0.5 dB beam peak)

      Antenna Reset Time Standard Mode: < 6 minutes, Emergency Mode: < 2 minutes

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          I want to be able to set up a Layer1 transmitting 2600mhz MPTMP

          layer 2 1800mhz with tri-band on each pole drop down to 900mhz and then 5 Ghz then 2.5Ghz

          I am not sure that this is possible but i am sure i will get the feedback indicating this or not. I want to supply TV,VOIP,Cell phone, Broadband internet, and any other money generating spin offs. If you ask me HOW am I going to do all this then my answer is ASK Members in GLOBE. I have spoken to the satellite fleet operators already, finance is in place. I can have C-band, Ka-band, and 10mbps Ku-band. This may also develop into a career move for them also as I will be hiring.