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    iPhone 5


      Can I add another phone to my line since I am not eligible for a free phone yet?


      I want to get an iPhone 5 but I just got my free phone from my line last year. Is it possible to add another phone or do I have to open another line just to get the iPhone 5?

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          Theres an offering before wherein you can do early recontracting to get iphone 5 but now its no longer offered.


          there are two options you may choose to do


          1. Early Pre-termination, you need to pay for the handset based price of your current plan (100%) if terminating within 12 months and (50%) of the handset based price if terminating 13 months prior to acquisition.




          2. You may apply for another line+phone for as long as your credit limit can accomodate it if not additional financial documents maybe requested by Globe.