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    Lost Internet Connection and Data Plan.


      I went abroad for a couple of days but before our departure i requested for a disconnection of my data to avoid bill shock, then when i came back i do the same for re-connection and that was Nov. 13, 2014 but still now i don't have an access to internet, opposite to the answer of the operators that the data is already running.

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          Hi! Have you tried basic troubleshooting? 

          1. Checking your APN setting

          2. Turning on Mobile Data/Cellular Data

          3. Restarting your phone

          4. Inserting your SIM to another phone

          Have you asked when will the change take effect? Coz change request should be made 5 days before cut off date - usually 17th, to take effect on the next billing period - 18th.

          You may want to call 211 again and have them check.

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            Assuming that your mobile data is switched on already and your APN setting are correct, you may want to switch your device off and then turn on again so it could reset with the system.

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