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    Can't enjoy my iphone 6 plus, because globe can't activate my recontracting plan.


      First of all, I'm really disappointed with globe telecom. I reserved an iphone6+ thru online and globe texted me that I will be receiving my iphone6+ on the day of the launch (friday), so i waited until evening on no one came (super disappointed). Then sunday i got my iphont6+, so monday morning i called 211 to activate my new nano sim that i got together with the iphone6+, they said that they can't activate my new sim and my new plan because there is an error promting that my transaction is yet finished, they said that my new plan should be activated on Nov13 (day before the launch) and since they failed to activate it, the system won't accept it now, so their backend should manually adjust it to the system so my activation would push through. so i've been following it up almost everyday since Nov 17, they always says that they will escalate the problem to their backend and even went to globe center and they said the same dilemma that their system is promting an error that prevented them to activate my new plan. so i told them that if i can just refund my cashout out and apply for a new one, and scrap the old one. they said that i can't do that since a already signed my new contract locked for 3 years. they said that all they can do is escalate the problem to their backend and ask me to wait another week for the problem to be resolve. I am so helpless right now because i know that globe has a lot of problem regading their iphone6 launch and i don't know how long will i wait to use my iphone6 as a real phone coz right now it's just an ipad to me. i got this new data plan coz i need it to my business and i lost a lot of orders because i can't use the data plan that i signed for and after globe fixed this problem, i want them to compensate me for all financial lost of my business. hope anyone from globe can help me.