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    Postpaid Application Confusion


      I wanted to apply for a postpaid plan for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I was going to avail the plan 999 + 900 cashout monthly for 24 months period 0% installment. I applied online and submitted all of the needed files and documents. The next day(earlier today), the Globe agent called me about how they don't accept BDO Credit cards and that the monthly installment periods are only 3, 6, and 12 months. If someone could shed a light on this matter it would be highly appreciated. Also, I do wish that they accept BDO Credit card since it's the only one I have.

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          Basically, credit card payment depend on the arrangement made by the bank with the store partner. There are other banks can provide 24 month installment (depending on the type of credit card) and others only provide 12 months installments which in this case BDO. Unless BDO can make a new arrangement that BDO credit card holder (of any type) can make 24 month installment payments. What I can advise is to call BDO, ask them if that is the only installment period arrangement of payment they provide for those applying for postpaid plan specifically with Globe.