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    what causes the delay of delivery of iphone 6?


      what causes the delay of delivery of iphone 6?

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          Hi! Sorry to hear that your unable to receive your iPhone 6. It seems Globe has been rectifying the system errors that they encountered during the pre order thus the delay in delivery. Considering also the limited stock Globe has on iPhone 6/6+.

          For you to check the status of your order, you may call 211 or 027301300 for recontracting. However, expect longer time of waiting if you choose to talk with an agent. Otherwise, press 0 and enter your mobile number you used in ordering. 

          Hope this ease your anticipation. I am not from Globe. Just making a suggestion.

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            thanks for the advice, but i have already tried that one last week pa mga 5 times cguro. no feed back nmn cla, i have not received any text din on the scheduled delivery

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                But your pre order is validated on their system? Kasi ung iba hindi daw reflected sa system nila. Ipacancel mo na kang then punta ka sa malapit na GBC. Tanungin mo kung may stock sila then pareserve ka ng unit. Sabihin mo recontracting. They will assist you naman basta make sure may reserved unit ka talaga. Yun ginawa ko kaya 16 gig na lang kinuha ko kasin un lang available.

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                Hi recontracting ako for iphone 6 so far main reason is that limited ang stock for the delay and i called 5 times for this kasi none of any globe stores would process it because all iphone units are already alocated sa mga ng register earlier so if you are one of them at meron ka nmang reference number you better call 211 or visit the nearest globe store to confirm your status.

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                  I have same sentiment here.. I have applied for recontract last Dec. 1 and chose Iphone 6 16gb gold, as per their confirmation the unit is available and ready for delivery. Since I was living in Bataan, nearest possible Globe Store is in SM Pampanga. As the conversation goes well and assure that the delivery/pick up date will be on Dec. 10, 2014. But until now the unit is still not yet delivered to SM Pampanga. I have been calling everyday for follow up but as always I got no definite feedback from them. They said they will call me for feedback but no call has been made from their end until now. Haaaaayyyy.. Super inconvenience! Very poor service. Wherein it shouldn't since it was recontract. Duh! I wanted to cancel but I am worrying for more inconvenience it may cause since I am a busy also at work. #imverypissedoff

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                    I am not sure what's happening with Globe's phone delivery system but I haven't gotten the units which were committed to be delivered in your Eastwood store today. I would probably understand if the iPhone 6+ unit didn't make it due to demand but the Lenovo phone I ordered was not delivered as well. Last October, the unit I requested (Samsung Galaxy) wasn't delivered as well, so I had to cancel my re-contracting request. We, your customers, would appreciate if you could inform us ahead of time if the units will not be delivered as committed so that we will not bother visiting your store. Please restore my confidence as your loyal customer because it has been a really frustrating and UNWONDERFUL experience. My reference numbers are 71215563 (iPhone) and 71211548 (Lenovo).

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                      An update guys. Yesterday, the hotline representative informed me that I will be contacted after 24 hours on the status of the pickup of my phones. After several calls to the hotline, all I was told was that the case was "escalated". I also talked to the FB representative and I was told of the same thing. After 24 hours of waiting, there is no concrete feedback the whereabouts of the phones. Seems like there is an issue with the entire supply chain process. Sad reality for Globe customers.

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                        Hey there

                        here's what happened to me earlier:


                        DATE: December 30, 2014

                        TICKET NO.: 1412301097




                        Seerium:Name: alfonse ******, Email: alfonse_******@yahoo.com, Account:


                        alfonse :hi

                        Harley:It's a wonderful day here at Globe! My name is Harley. How may I help



                        alfonse:I'd just like to follow up for the status for my recontracting

                        Harley:Sir Alfonse just to confirm, you’re transacting for mobile number



                        Harley:Sir Alfonse before we proceed, may I know the complete account

                        holder's name and how are you related to the account holder?

                        alfonse:alfonse ******, 9******, and i'm the account holder

                        alfonse:do you need my middle name?

                        Harley:Yes, please.


                        Harley:According to reference number 7*******. Pick up Address:

                        Globestore SM City Bacolod Pick-up date: 12/18/2014 Handset /Order Unit : IPHONE 6 PLUS 16GB


                        alfonse:yup, but when i got there it was moved to december 24 but up till now they said it

                        still wasn't there

                        alfonse:i followed up 4 days ago and was informed that an escalation was submitted and

                        will be followed thru within 24-48 hours

                        alfonse:called again 2 days ago and they said they'll submit it again and get another

                        follow up for the same time frame

                        alfonse:but still got no feedback

                        Harley:I'm sorry to know that Sir Alfonse.

                        Harley:I have already made a follow up report under the same reference

                        number 7*******.

                        Harley:Our support team is currently on progress your application. We’ll

                        let you know the status of your application in 3 working days through text or call. Please keep your

                        lines open so we may reach you. Thank you.

                        Harley:Thank you for using Talk2GLOBE Chat! I'm glad to have served you



                        it gets worse rep after rep i get terrible response and this agent didn't even bother to wait for my reply before disconnecting. I'm utterly speechless right now

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                          My iPhone got delivered last December 26 while my Lenovo phone arrived on the 29th. Both were supposed to be delivered on the 22nd.


                          My tip is to continue following up via their hotline, FB, or other channels. The hotline though can be time consuming due to the long wait. I usually do it during my idle time, while watching the TV, surfing, or when doing a long commute. Check with them everyday and ask the contact center representative to cross-check whether the previous follow-up was made. Make sure they actually send the escalation. I sometimes had to call twice a day to check if the earlier escalation was sent or posted in the case. There are times that they will tell you that an escalation has been made but upon follow-up no record was found. Try calling around 10 or 11 AM and agents will usually offer to call the Globe store and even check with the manager.

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                            Finally got my Iphone6 last january 10.. after hundreds of follow up calls.. LOL!