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    Mandatory Paperless Billing by January 2015?


      I received the following "Important Advisory" together with my "Paper" Bill...


      Jpeg Globe Advisory.JPG


      While I may agree with the advantages that "paperless billing" could give, it fails to address the very purpose of why a Statement of Account is being sent and why it is IMPORTANT that there is PROOF OF RECEIPT" which Globe's paperless billing fails to address.


      The advisory likewise states that  "Soon there will be a FEE for every paper bill delivery" which goes AGAINST the usual practice of providing the customer the right to be informed OFFICIALLY of how he is being charged for his usage.


      A Statement of Account is "A document, issued by a supplier to its customer, listing transactions over a given period, normally monthly. It will include details of invoices, payments received and any credits approved with a resultant balance payable by the customer."


      It is VERY IMPORTANT and ESSENTIAL that such document is PROPERLY SERVED by the supplier or in this case, Globe Telecom to its rightful customer.


      In PAPER BILLING and as a matter of practice,  such document is delivered by the courier service and is DULY RECEIVED (signature as proof of receipt) by the recipient or his representative.


      In PAPERLESS BILLING, such "proof of receipt" is NOT DONE  as the sender (Globe) ASSUMES that the customer has received such AS SOON AS GLOBE SENDS IT.


      Where is the fairness here if we are to be charged in the future?


      Isn't the paper billing incorporated in the cost of our subscription?


      Is Globe looking for every possible means to charge the customer and putting profit above service despite having a 385% (Php 6.5B) increase in NET INCOME in the first half of 2014 (Globe's claim in the PSE Globe Telecom says net income up 385% to P6.8B in first half  | Economy | GMA News Online) taking into consideration that they had a massive "system enhancement" during this time? (WOW!!!)


      Is Globe throwing the responsibility of informing us to the customer who now would have to access and take an extra step to be able to retrieve such Statements in case the subscriber does not receive his Statement because of Globe's fault? It would now be harder to prove that Globe is at fault since they can always claim that such document was sent via email (without the customer actually receiving it) unlike via COURIER where there is Proof of Receipt.


      Let me remind Globe of what is stated in the Terms and Conditions regarding Billing Statements...

      5.1 Billing

      5.1.1 We will regularly send your bill to your preferred billing address and/or to you email address as indicated on your application or to your nominated email address if you enrolled in Paperless Billing.


      Does that mean that if we did not enroll in paperless billing then we will already be charged?


      Don't you think that this runs against the very spirit of the terms and conditions UNLESS Globe would again invoke that "terms and conditions may change without prior notice" in which case any Agreement with Globe would come out onerous and only beneficial to Globe?


      As a subscriber for 20 years having several accounts with the network and being on the phone with Globe at least once a week for issues concerning my accounts (and the reason why I could share my experiences here), I say that this is quite unfair and I sincerely hope that Globe would review this policy of theirs.

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          The Monthly Billing Statement I received via mail is a valid Billing Statement for all intents and purposes.
          I can always print it or view it as it is for reference.
          Please don't get me wrong, even though I think you are wrong.
          What do you mean by Proof of Receipt? When you pay via Globe Stores, you will be given an Official Receipt as proof of payment. What is the Proof of Receipt for? Is that the one you sign when you receive your billing statement from the courier?

          It's already 2015. Even if Globe or the Courier failed to send you a paper copy of your Billing Statement, there are other wonderful ways to check and review it.

          If the BIR, DOJ, OMB, CA or SC will ask for a copy of your Billing Statement, you can always send the pdf via email or print the pdf and give it to them.

          If you will request for a paper copy of the Billing Statement, you will be informed by the CSR of the applicable charges.


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              I wish it was that simple Will but your obvious lack of experience in legal matters might make you regret it someday.


              I have personally dealt with Globe legal (VP level and he is still there) and he can turn what is obviously white into black or even deny that an ad existed even if it was in front of him. I've learned my lesson in dealing with Globe with full documentation so there is no denying that they have issued this or that.


              While it is already 2015, our e-commerce law is still flawed and its IRR is not yet fully defined and implemented and even according to that, recipient and sender have to acknowledge that there existed a valid email. 


              For whatever reasons we may have, it is still our right to be duly informed OFFICIALLY in a way that could stand by our higher courts in case of legal disputes.

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                  When you receive your monthly billing statemet via email, I think (and I always think) Globe cannot deny that they sent you your monthly billing statement. But in your part you can always can try to deny. You can always try. 

                  I can only wish that your concern is that complicated. But unfortunately, it's not.

                  You invoked OUR right to be duly informed OFFICIALLY, what seems to be your OFFICIAL problem with Globe sending you your monthly billing statements via email?

                  You don't need to be historical or even drop names or ranks to explain your concerns with the implementation of the paperless billing statement.

                  And if Globe wants to save Money with the implementation of the paperless billing statement, it shouldn't be stupid creatures' concern.

                  Here's my wonderful advice to you. Call Globe Telecom via the Consumer Hotline. Raise your concerns about the implementation of the paperless billing statements. Request for a call out from the Support Group for them to handle your concerns. Or write a letter to Globe Telecom. Send it via registered mail so Globe cannot deny the receipt of your letter.

                  Have a wonderful Sunday.


                  P.S. Please don't get me wrong even though you're wrong. I've tried my best to listen and understand your point. 

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                      It's just a matter of CORRECT procedure Will which many people fail to understand and I don't blame you as many people also fail to understand that until it's too late. In any case even the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the LAW prescribes it which unfortunately maybe not many are aware of (including you).


                      Many of our credit card companies are doing paperless billing correctly in accordance with the IRR so why can't Globe? Is it their choice to be exempted from it?


                      The point is, for those who prefer it then go ahead but for those who do not then don't make it mandatory or at the very least do not let us pay for a service which has been incorporated from the very beginning. Otherwise, can we also charge Globe for internet charges if we access our bills online?

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                      It's already March 2015 and it's a good thing that Globe has not implemented its mandatory paperless billing but efforts are being made through promos, letters and misinformation to lure everyone to do so.


                      Just to remind everyone of their rights... we are NOT REQUIRED to do so under the law (unless you just want to win a Samsung Galaxy S5 Here’s your Chance to Take Home a Samsung Galaxy S5! )... THERE HAS TO BE AN MUTUAL AGREEMENT with BOTH (not just one...redundancy made on purpose) parties before the shift is made.


                      If Paperless billing would have to be implemented, then IT HAS TO BE DONE RIGHT. Since the Statement of Account (or bill) is an official Globe communication (necessitating proof that addressee has received it like in the courier service where they let recipient sign) then even in its paperless form, proof of receipt is also needed which Globe has not been implementing and which we have been raising for quite some time already.



                      Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Electronic Commerce Act

                      Chapter III Communication of Electronic Data Messages And Electronic Documents


                      Dispatch and Receipt of Electronic Data Message and Electronic Document

                      Section 30. Agreement on Acknowledgment of Receipt of Electronic Data Messages or Electronic Documents. - The following rules shall apply where, on or before sending an electronic data message or electronic document, the originator and the addressee have agreed, or in that electronic document or electronic data message, the originator has requested, that receipt of the electronic document or electronic data message be acknowledged: 

                      (a) Where the originator has not agreed with the addressee that the acknowledgment be given in a particular form or by a particular method, an acknowledgment may be given by or through any communication by the addressee, automated or otherwise, or any conduct of the addressee, sufficient to indicate to the originator that the electronic data message or electronic document has been received.

                      (b) Where the originator has stated that the effect or significance of the electronic data message or electronic document is conditional on receipt of the acknowledgment thereof, the electronic data message or electronic document is treated as though it has never been sent, until the acknowledgment is received.

                        (c) Where the originator has not stated that the effect or significance of the electronic data message or electronic document is conditional on receipt of the acknowledgment, and the acknowledgment has not been received by the originator within the time specified or agreed or, if no time has been specified or agreed, within a reasonable time, the originator may give notice to the addressee stating that no acknowledgment has been received and specifying a reasonable time by which the acknowledgment must be received; and if the acknowledgment is not received within the time specified, the originator may, upon notice to the addressee, treat the electronic document or electronic data message as though it had never been sent, or exercise any other rights it may have.

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                    I'm having an issue with their billing statement sent online (paperless method). They billed me incorrectly the previous month and immediately upon seeing the error, I called up their hotline to report the error and make the necessary changes so it will not happen in the next billing cycle. After almost a month and 5 calls to their hotline and talking to a lot of agents and supervisors before the next billing cycle, I received my billing yesterday with the same error. Calling the hotline, they said that "it has been rectified in their system." I told them can I have your email address so I can show you the screen shot and the .pdf file of the billing statement showing the incorrect amount. I requested to reprint with the correct billing statement and sent it to my billing address because that is the only proof that you have updated it. I am now over the phone with a supervisor (again) waiting for a manager to request to send me the updated statement of account. Why is it so hard? Why give in to the system at the expense of a loyal customer with multiple accounts?