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    Is there a minimum required Basic salary on postpaid?


      Good day, I just want to ask if there is a minimum required Basic salary upon application in postpaid plans? I was planning to get a plan for Note 4 because we have that benefit for communication expenses monthly in our company. Now my problem is that my basic pay is not that high to the point na hndi nman sya umaabot ng 20k. Possible kaya syang maapprove? even though I don't have a credit card? as much as possible kasi ayoko kumuha ng credit card.


      Hoping for your honest answer.


      Thank you and God Bless!

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          You might want to inquire via the hotline what are the requirements for the Samsung Note 4 plan. If in case you don't have the required requirements for the plan, here are your other options. For more information, you can refer at this link About Plans | Plans | Postpaid | Help and Support.

          What can I submit if I don't have any of those documents mentioned? What else can I submit as proof?


          1. If you're an existing Globe subscriber OR a Line Only applicant: just present a valid I.D.
          2. If you're from an OFW family: submit certificates of allotment for the last three months OR a copy of your foreign remittance slip. They will serve as your proof of income.
          3. If you're a housewife: you may present original copies of Bank Statements, Electricity Bills, OR Rental Lease of Contract.
          4. If you have no proof of income: You may choose to pay a 1-month Monthly Service Fee in advance via your credit card, get an existing Globe subscriber as a Guarantor, OR you can pay your Monthly Service Fee 6 months in advance.