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    Fair Use Policy


      Dear Globe Community,


           I would like to dwell on the subject "Fair Use Policy", while it is acceptable on my part Globes implementation of the (Fair Use Policy) FUP on the cap on all their broadband use, I have a very important question? My subscription is the DSL with Phone 2Mbps and I was not aware before I have this installed that Globe has a cap on it at 5Gb per day use or consumption and the FUP will kick in lowering our speed to 30% which should arrive at 60Mbps and will be reinstated the next day at 7am back to the normal speed subscribe. Their CHAT support is not much to be desired and some of them are really not qualified to be on the tech support for broadband.and others are rude due to their inability to answer proper question or sometimes they don't read and understand the inquiry or question first prior to giving their response later. What some of them do is shoot first before asking. I know this very well because I have been a Call Center tech support for Microsoft Protect Your Pc, Kodak Digital Cameras for 2 years, before I became deaf.

           FUP, is what their tech support agents will give us if we complain on the speed that is way below our subscribe plan. The matter that really bothers me, Globe does not provide a software for the use in checking our broadband consumption, the agents will just say as per our monitoring  you have exceeded your cap for the day and it will be back to normal tomorrow by 7am. I don't want to compare Globe with Sky but I cant help it because my brother is using Sky Broadband and they have a software that they can use to monitor their dsl consumption. Globe is now using Speedtest.net of OOKLA as their basis for speed problem reference when we report to them for tech support. I have questioned Globe previously via their CHAT regarding the bitmeter or software that tracks broadband use, their answers is usually Globe has limited resources and does not have a software to monitor broadband consumption. I told them there are lots of software available in the net that they can recommend and besides they are already using the speedtest.net from the web which is free. What I got was just their management has not given any solution.

           Can we call this "Fair Use Policy", that only Globe can see and tell us that we exceeded on our cap? We don't have a way to cross check if we really had over used our consumption, as Globe will not accept result from softwares in the internet that detects broadband use and they will just rely on their own monitor????? So Globe Community I am really at a loss, while they will always invoke FUP, and tell us that from their monitoring we already have exceeded cap.

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          Ever tried complaining about this at the NTC? I'm still waiting for Globe's response regarding my complaint at the NTC for not disclosing about the FUP when I upgraded my speed package. I'm demanding proof that they informed me about this when I upgraded my service.