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      How can Globe HElp me for my Problem with my account this is what happened someone touches my account then they release another phone or postpaid paln unit and Sim card with IPhone space gray 32G if im not mistaken i keep asking globe how can i decrease the bills? from my account they said i need to pay almost 22 thousand which is i didn't use  they block my outgoing calls and internet also text just ingoin

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          Paki translate please!

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            Ireport mo sa Tulfo brothers...

            Anyway, it also happened to me. My first Globe plan 299. On my next recontracting, another mobile number with plan 999 and 800 iphone fee was included in my account. Naging dalawang mobile numbers in one account na ung plan 299 ko. I asked for separation but they said i have to pay the balance of the iphone. Story short, i  won't pay for anything i did not use nor applied. Sue me and i will answer that in court. I abandoned the account. Now i have a bad record with Globe i cannot request for a credit limit increase.

            Giving you the benefit of the doubt, bakit kasi pinatouch mo ung account mo? Eh sau un eh? Bakit mo pinahawak? Yan tuloy ikaw ang magbabayad? Dapat sila ang magbayad kasi sila humawak?

            Wala ka na magagawa jan nasa system na ng Globe yan under your name. Kahit gusto mo patunayan na hindi ikaw ang nag apply hindi maniniwala si Globe sau. Antayin mo ang susunod nyan collecting agent na ang maghaharass sau na idedemanda ka kung hindi ka magbabayad. Pero hindi ka makukulong kasi parang utang yan.