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    Postpaid plan change


      Hi! My sim was activated just few days ago. Tuesday to be exact. Then when I registered my account here online to track my combos and consumption, I noticed that my combo is wrong. Maybe the person assisted me made a mistake . So I changed the combo of my plan here on the site just a few minutes ago. How long will it take for that change to take effect? Thank You!

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          Normally, it would be effective the next billing cycle.


          You may want to get in touch with the channels in Contact Us to trace where the mistake was made (since it is still early) but knowing Globe's ways, they might just insist that you wait it out the next billing cycle rather than make adjustments which may change your pro-rated charges and billing cycle and further confuse the system or the people inputting the data and even make it more difficult for you to understand the particulars stated on your bill the moment it arrives.