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      Another iPhone was released this year but why can't Globe accommodate again all their customers, i mean all on the first week of release of the iPhone? Its another year there should have been improvements of releasing iPhones to the customers. It has been more than 5 years already since the release of the first iPhone that was with Globe. If I am not wrong last year with the 5s and 5c a combined 400k iPhones was sold for both Smart and Globe was reported by the 6th month since it was released. If other countries can release iPhones by the millions over a weekend why can't Globe release 300k iPhones in a week? I don't think it is a stock issue(this has been their excuse all the time). If it is a stock issue, still no improvements for over 5 years? That is just not acceptable.


      Another problem that I could think will be their system. Didn't they just upgraded their system?


      I hope somebody can share their thoughts on this and maybe you have more information that you can share. I am just telling my experience with Globe every time there is an iPhone release.


      Thank you.

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          Hi! This has been discussed in many threads already. If you can search "iPhone 6" you can read what others have posted about this.

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            Just sharing my thoughts, inventory shouldn't be an issue if only (some) customers did not change their minds on the last minute when choosing the handset model. Example, one already reserved a slver 16GB model but when they reach the store, they will change their mind and choose the gold model which is already reserved for someone else. That's when inventory gets messed up. Since the customer is always right, they cannot deny if the customer wants to change their handset model of choice. What happens to the customer who reserved for the gold model? Now I understand why they don't allow us to change our order once it's final.