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    Globe statement on web defacement



      Globe statement on web defacement


      At around 10:00 pm yesterday, November 27, Globe Telecom detected a defacement in four Globe websites hosted by a third party vendor Movent.  All four websites (mybusiness.globe.com.ph, duo.globe.com.ph, payroll.globe.csme.com and update.globe-csme.com) have been taken down immediately so we can conduct the appropriate security checks. "The server where the four websites are hosted are managed by a third party partner and outside of the Globe Corporate and Enterprise Network, where appropriate preventive and detective controls are in place. The attack is isolated on their end and was brought about by an unpatched vulnerability which is currently being addressed. Rest assured, our security incident response teams are currently investigating and conducting forensics in various areas to make sure that the incident is properly managed." said Globe Chief Information Security Officer Anton Bonifacio.


      Globe assures its customers that no critical customer data have been compromised as these information are not stored in the affected websites. The said websites are used for advertising and marketing purposes only and are not connected to any of the private internal customer systems. Globe also said that its own Globe-hosted websites were not compromised.


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      For more information, please contact:

      Yoly C. Crisanto

      Head, Corporate Communications

      Globe Telecom, Inc.

      Email Address: [email protected]

      Globe Press Room: www.globe.com.ph/press-room

      Twitter: @talk2GLOBE │ Facebook: www.facebook.com/globeph