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    Tattoo Home Broadband 20mbps


      So, just saw this and I think it was updated Yesterday or earlier.



      I called a CSR to disconnect my line since nobody wants to upgrade my unreliable connection. Talked smoothly with the CSR earlier though my problem is, the CSR told me that the 20mbps Price of 4999 is already discounted off of the 25% discount supposedly Globe is offering via that page.


      What's worse is, this is the page I've been looking for since last week when I'm scouting for an upgrade or other service provider.



      What's the truth? P3750 or P4999

      Which is discounted at this time.

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          It looks like the agent you spoke to doesn't seem to have any knowledge of the promo for platinum home broadband. I suggest that you try to call again the hotline and speak with another agent, tell them that Globe currently offering the Platinum Home Broadband for Php 3750 as introductory price which is 25% less from the original price of Php 4999. Another is try to check also with them if the Platinum Home Broadband is available within your location, as far as I know currently Platinum Home Broadband is only available on selected area mostly in Makati area. If you are within this area you certainly apply for this plan.


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              What's weird is I got approved to be upgraded to 10mbps but not on 15mbps or the Promo 20mbps earlier when I called. 10mbps is on the "Platinum" part na base on my First link why can't I avail 20mbps which is only P250 dapat with the 25% off. Hindi daw pwede since 10mbps lang daw pwede sa Location ko. I would've understand if the CSR said up to 7mbps lang ang pwede ko i-avail since that's the Standard for DSL as per my last saw on their ad.