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    My name is Mario R. Flores, account number 832090220. Why did you cut my internet. Every single month we paid our bills on time without any delayed. I would like to have a big complain regarding that issue. We paid our bill last Nov. 4, 2014 and we paid a


      I'am Mario R. Flores, I am complaining regarding my Internet has been cut off couple of days ago saying we are not paying our bills. FYI. Nov. 4, 2014 we paid our monthly bills. Nov. 29, 2014 we paid again our monthly bills. Receipt # BP80015112914000. My wife is calling Globe this morning but no answer. What kind of service do you have? Someone is calling your attention and no one is answering??? WE need our internet back A.S.A.P. because we paid all our bills on time. Thank you...