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    All New MySuperplan upgrade


      My contract has just ended and I chose to apply for the bill rebates instead of getting a new handset, After I upgraded from MySuperplan 999 to MySuperplan 1799, my benefits increased to: 5 freebies plus 1799 consumable amount.


      Would it be possible to shift my plan to MySuperplan Unlisurf Combo 1799 instead (Unlisurf + 800 consumable amount and 3 freebies)?

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          The last plan you mentioned is not being offered anymore. Call 027301300 for your concern.
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            fervish is correct that the plan you inquiring is not being offered, once you recontracted your account you will be shift to a NEW PLAN of MyLIFESTYLE PLAN which has a buil-in UNLI CALL & TEXT to GLOBE/TM.



            --> myLifestyle Plan is Globe Postpaid’s simplified plan with Unli Calls and Texts to Globe/TM as the basic component at P499/month. Other services like basic, surf and lifestyle packs can be added to personalize according to one’s interest and needs. The more you add, the better the handset you can get.


            Here's what you will get:

            A. Unlimited call and text to Globe/TM valued at P499/monthly

            B. Free 1st month one Lifestyle Bundle (choose from Navigation, Explore or Fitness Pack*)

            C. Free 1GB Globe Cloud for 24 months

            D. Free 1st month Gadget Care


            for Data:

            GoSurf99 - 200MB

            GoSurf299 - 1.5GB

            GoSurf499 - 3GB

            GoSurf999 - 5GB

            GoSurf1799 - 10GB

            GoSurf2499 - 15GB


            for EXAMPLE:

            you will avail for the PLAN1799, this include:

            499 - unlicall & text

            999 - for 5GB of data


            1498 (converted to plan 1799)


            the remaining of 301 can be use as consumable of the account OR you can avail it in UNLItext to all network that has a 299 Peso value.again the remaining will be your consumable


            You can call the hotline (for recontracting/02-7301300) for inquiry.

            BTW it was open from 8:00AM to 10:00PM daily.