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      Can i maintain my TM mobile number if I switch to Globe postpaid?

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          Ryan Jae Ongcuangco

          No, Globe Postpaid has different number series. You will be given a New Postpaid number.

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              Thank you for your reply.


              But mine has a prefix of 0926, currently applicable for both Globe and TM.

              Would it be considered?


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                  No. Regardless of any prefix, prepaid and postpaid has different number series. They will give you new number for postpaid. 

                  Try going to a GBC and asked them if you can migrate your number however i am not aware of anyone able to do this. But of course it's like choosing a customized number and may be subject to fees.

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                By having a LOAD tipid plan (LTP), you can retain your Prepaid globe mobile number. LTP is a fixed plan load where a fixed amount of load will be sent to your number in a fixed date every month. However, for regular postpaid, the only prefix is 0917, meaning you'll have a new number. In rare case, your 0926 number can have a 0917 counterpart available, depending if the next 7 digits are for postpaid use

                (Because not all 0917-xyz-abcd is a postpaid number. 0917-2xx-xxxx, 0917-4xx-xxxx and 0917-9xx-xxxx are always prepaid. 0917-5 and 0917-8 is always PostPAID, whereas other combination might be prepaid or postpaid.

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