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    wish free fb for life


      kung pwede po sana di n inaalis ung free fb, mas marami po sigurong mga smart prepaid user ang mahahatak nyo, sigurado namam pong itatapon na nila smart sim nila at magpapalit ng globe, sana ok lang po ung idea ko?

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          Maganda po talaga ang "Free" ngunit sa tamang rason po sana ginawa ng Globe at sa tamang "Timing"


          It is so unfortunate that the Free FB was introduced at the time that there was so much fuss about the data capping of legitimate subscribers who were offered UNLIMITED internet.


          The implementation of a Fair Use policy by putting a data cap before getting throttled as defined only by the network (and not by NTC as they wouyld make it appear) was implemented because Globe claimed that despite the expansion that they had, the network was being congested to the detriment of the other subscribers.


          Yet they implemented the FREE FB to ALL of their millions of subscribers, prepaid and postpaid again giving the wrong signal to legitimate subscribers who suffered slower surfing.


          And then I stumbles I stumbled on this article on Globe sustains growth momentum; 1H core net profit rises 18%


          "The growth in mobile data services coincided with the conclusion of the successful Free Facebook promotion Globe offered starting November last year. The promotion, which aimed to seed the habit of mobile browsing on the company's expanded 3G and 4G networks, resulted in a step increase in mobile data users, boosting registered mobile data users to 8.91million monthly average post-Facebook promo from 5.4 million pre-Facebook promotion, and a substantial uplift in revenues after the promotion."

          If Globe was congested then why add more users instead of honoring their past commitments to their subscribers rather than curtailing their usage and just just improve their system and if it is good enough then offer some services for free?


          The truth of the purpose would always come out in the end.

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            Kung akoy smart prepaid subscriber di mo ko ako mahahatak na itapon ang smart sim ko. Sa halip ay bibili lang ako ng Globe sim at ilalagay sa isang sim slot ng aking dual sim phone.