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    How is the cash out per month in a transaction computed?


      In a recent research of mine, I have found out that the


      Cash out per month = cash out ÷ no. of months installment


      A recent answer to an ask said that gadget cash out = cash out


      so I made a plan and tested this formula...


      All Unli Plan


      Contract Period:                                              24 months


      Gadget iPhone 5s 32GB

      Peso Value from Plan                                        200



      Gadget iPhone 5s 32GB                                      200


      Remaining Consumable                                      0



      All Unli Plan                                                        0


      Unli Calls Globe Mobile and Landline                  599


      Unli All Net Text                                                599


      Gadget Cashout                                              33,840


      TOTAL MONTHLY FEE                                  1,198




      gadget cash out = cash out

      33,840 = cash out




      Cash out per month = cash out ÷ no. of months installment


      Cash out per month = 33,840 ÷ 24

      Cash out per month = 1,410 (?)

      I kind of get that Total monthly fee of 1198 is acquired by adding the 599 Unli Calls Globe Mobile and Landline and the 599 Unli All Net Text but my questions are:


                              1. What does that gadget cash-out have to do with the total monthly fee?

                              2. Is my research correct in any way?

                              3. Are gadget cash out and cash out the same thing?

                              4. As long as I stay in the plan for the entire contract period, will the gadget cash out be free?

                                          (because it seems that the gadget cash-out has nothing to do with the monthly fee)

                              5.Are cash out per month and total monthly fee the same thing?