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    Disconnection Fee


      I've read some other threads about it and would like to get some opinions from the community here as well. Some others have said that the disconnection fee can be waived if you're unhappy or have lots of troubles with your internet connection. Any thoughts on this?


      I've recently upgraded from 3mbps to 10mbps but the only thing that has upgraded is the payment from P999 to P3499. The speed I actually get for most of the day is between 500kbps to 3mbps. I only get a few minutes of 8.5mbps. The modem is also showing a lot of CRC Errors. 2hrs of Internet Sessions resulted in about 50k+ CRC errors which is not really normal.


      I'll try to switch to PLDT since that is my only solution right now, even though I don't really want to support those greedy shizz.



      Forgot to add this:

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          Sa aking mapuot na nakaraan sa wimax plan ng Globe, ang disconnection fee ay naiwaive. Ngunit ako ay dumaan sa mahabang proseso gaya ng paguusap sa tanggapan ng NTC, may mga documento rin ako gaya ng mga video ng speed test ng magkakaibang araw, may printed email din ako ng usapan namin ng Globe agents, at sandamukal na reference number na naipon ko simula nang makaranas ako ng mabagal na internet connection.