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    Prepaid (GoSurf?) internet with a good real WiFi router?




      I would like to have internet with the following requirements:


      - need it only specific months (prepaid)

      - need to cover a big house/area (those USB and hotspot WiFi things seem insufficient) - don't need "on the go" devices

      - 3G (H+) is fine, no landline option

      - no data limits or at least specific high fixed limits (GoSurf prepaid)


      I thought of prepaid GoSurf in combination with:


      - Tattoo 3G USB + some specific good (TP-Link?) router with USB modem support and dedicated WiFi antennas? If that's best: which specific Huawei USB model+version is currently used?


      Or these alternatives:

      - Do the Tattoo Home routers have prepaid support / is that possible?

      - Could the Mobile WiFi things run 24/7? (not preferred since probably relatively weak WiFi strength)


      + in any case probably 1 or 2 WiFi extenders.


      What would be my best option?


      Help is very much appreciated. Thanks.